The Graham School is an intensive elementary, middle, and high school (K-12) serving approximately 300 day-students referred by local school districts across the New York Metropolitan area and operated by the Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District, a New York State Special Act School District. Students thrive with the intensive academic, social, therapeutic, and career supports provided by GGUFSD.

What makes The Graham School unique?

Situated on the historic Graham Campus along the scenic Hudson River in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, the Graham School provides a year-round K-12 educational program. It is a fully accredited public school district offering comprehensive elementary, middle, and secondary special education programs in small classes leading to a high school diploma and college and career readiness. Our curriculum and instructional practices are rigorous, individualized, and embedded in a vibrant, emotionally supportive academic environment. Students who have had their education disrupted can spend extra time during and after school and even on the weekends to make up credits in order to graduate on time. Extra-curricular activities, including a full array of visual and performing arts, mentoring, volunteer and career development opportunities, and team sports at the intramural and league level, enrich the school experience.

Important Note: For many years, Graham also ran highly effective residential programs at the Graham School Campus. We are proud of that legacy but, just as our founders did, we continue to evolve to provide services and support in ways that are most effective for today’s children and families. In that spirit, we determined this year to phase out our residential programs, while maintaining the day school on Campus and deepening our comprehensive family and community-based services in Central Brooklyn, Harlem, and the South Bronx. If you are an alumnus or interested supporter who would like more information on our decision and vision for the future, we would be happy to talk further. Please reach out and we will be in touch.

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