Employee Benefits

Graham Windham employees enjoy a generous benefits package designed to suit a myriad of needs and lifestyles.


Employees may opt to enroll in United Healthcare Oxford for services in and out of the network or the Liberty Plan which allows for in-network services exclusively.

Employees may opt to waive Graham Windham’s medical insurance and participate in the Medical Waiver Program by providing proof of coverage through another source and receive a financial incentive.


Through our carrier Aetna, employees can enroll in a Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) or a PPO plan.  The DMO plan is an In-Network only plan.  The PPO plan enables employees to select a dentist outside the network.

Basic Life Insurance and AD&D

Employees are eligible to enroll in our group term life insurance policy established through Prudential (at zero cost to the employee) with benefits payable at one and one-half times one’s annual salary.

Voluntary Insurance Benefits

Prudential offers a series of optional benefits in which employees pay 100%, as indicated below:

Employee, Spouse and/or Child Term Life Insurance, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability

For Your Retirement

Mutual of America

Graham Windham provides, (at zero cost to the employee) a defined contribution pension plan (401A) for all full-time, part-time, seasonal and temporary employees who work at least 1,000 hours per year.  Mutual of America offers 36 investment vehicles to provide for high diversification and flexibility.

Employees may also enroll in the Thrift (403b) Savings Plan to save a portion of their salary (on a tax-deferred basis) for retirement and/or long term future use.  Eligible savings range from 1% to 20% one’s gross salary each pay period.  As an incentive, Graham Windham contributes a matching contribution for eligible employees.

Other Available Benefits

Workers Compensation

State Insurance Fund.  In accordance with the New York State Workers Compensation Law, you are immediately insured by Graham Windham for work-related illnesses and/or injuries.

Short Term Disability

National Benefit Life Insurance Co. In accordance with New York State Law, employee are insured by Graham Windham for disability benefits for non-work related illness and/or injuries.  Benefits are payable for up to 26 weeks beginning with the eighth consecutive day of disability.


Direct Deposit.   Employees may have some or all of their paycheck directly deposited into an already established checking, savings, or money market account in the bank or credit union.

Municipal Credit Union.  Employees are eligible for membership in the Municipal Credit Union, one of the oldest and largest credit unions in the United States.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

ComPsych is a confidential assessment and referral program designated to help employees and their families deal with personal problems.  Through the EAP, trained professionals can offer support and guidance in resolving problems before they become insurmountable and adversely affect life at home and work.  The program can help employees to address just about any personal difficulty.  It offers professional counseling for a wide range of problems including family related and marital difficulties, work related stress, legal or financial worries and alcohol and drug problems.

Transit Program 

Employees may enroll in the Qualified Transportation Expense (QTE) Plan offered through Benefits Resources.  Through this plan, employees may pay for Parking and for Mass Transit with “Tax Free” dollars.  Contributing to Mass Transit and/or Parking Accounts reduces taxable income and increases spendable income.

Discount Fitness Club Membership Program

GlobalFit offers employees and their families an easy and convenient way to start a fitness program at a discounted rate for over 2,000 fitness clubs.  All health club memberships obtained through GlobalFit are on a month-to-month basis.