Do you have the courage, compassion, and organization to be the solution?

Graham Windham needs hard working, passionate, and enthusiastic individuals looking to make a difference. With over 400 full-time employees serving children and families in multiple programs in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Harlem, exciting career opportunities are always available.

Current Job Openings

If you are committed to enriching the lives of those in need, check out our job postings.  We also offer internships.

What is it like to work here?

Hear it firsthand from Nosa, a case planning supervisor in our family foster care division.

Watch more videos of our staff sharing what it’s like to work at Graham Windham!

Our People

Graham Windham’s staff are a uniquely dedicated and diverse workforce who see to it that every child, every family that we come into contact with is treated with respect and given the support they need to make change and heal. We value our team and offer competitive salaries, the possibility to earn an annual bonus, and have a competitive benefits package. View our EEO Policy.

Graham Windham’s leaders insist on high-quality work and are proud to offer important services to vulnerable children and families. Meet our leaders

Our Passion

Child welfare is not “just a job.” It’s a commitment to helping our vulnerable neighbors when they need it most. It is a dedication to respecting the humanity of the families and children we serve. It is our life’s work. At Graham Windham, we are dedicated to providing real, meaningful, and effective help, no matter what. We like to come to work and we love working with parents, children, teens, foster parents, and members of our communities. Learn more about our Programs.

Our Purpose

Our work is purpose-driven. We are conscious of our role in the City and the lives of the families and children we work with, and we are honored to have been given the privilege to do this work. When making program decisions, we very carefully adopt only those approaches that we know will work, and when evaluating our work, we look plainly and unflinchingly at what needs to change. Joining us is a commitment to getting it right.

Our Logo

More than just four walls and a roof, our logo represents the safety and support that only a loving home can provide. A warm and vibrant reminder of our passion to help children and families succeed, it embodies our efforts to partner with all parents and caregivers as we prepare kids for a future full of possibility.