Mission & Core Values

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In full partnership with families and communities, Graham Windham strives to make a life-altering difference with children, youth and families affected by abuse, neglect and delinquency by providing each child we serve with a strong foundation for life: a safe, loving, permanent family and the opportunity and preparation to thrive in school and in the world.


Our Core Service Values

Our core service values guide our every interaction with the children and families we serve.

Children can only thrive if they are safe. Safety first.

The humanizing influence of relationships is central to our work. We use strong authentic relationships to promote healing, growth and well-being.

Good Care
We truly and emphatically care about our children and families…every last one. Our care is demonstrated, day in and day out, by our words, our deeds and by addressing the true needs of those we serve.

We believe in our children and families…in their essential goodness, in their capacity to endure, heal, grow and succeed.

Children grow and thrive best in families. Therefore, a sustained and concentrated focus on family strengthening and permanency planning (permanent and loving homes for all our children) is essential. All our services must be family friendly, family-centered, and whenever possible, family-driven.

The neighborhoods, religious organizations, schools, help groups and individuals who comprise the everyday world of our children and families can provide critical, affirming, life-sustaining support. Graham Windham, therefore, focuses its helping efforts firmly in the community, in solidarity and collaboration with its citizenry.

Education is a primary force for individual and collective progress and achievement in American society. Graham Windham strives to provide our children and families with a broad array of quality opportunities to maximize their personal, academic and vocational potential.

Graham Windham is committed to strength-based services, utilizing a child’s and family’s existing competencies and abilities to shape and implement their individual and family service plans.

High Standards
We set the challenge bar high for the children and families we serve…consistent with the upper limits of their promise and potential.

Rights & Responsibilities
The “rights” of our children and families stand squarely and unambiguously on their own. At the same time, progress can be expected only when those rights are accompanied by an active acceptance of responsibilities, commensurate with their capacity to self-manage. All of our children and families have a voice at Graham Windham, and share with us responsibility for their success.

We use our knowledge and influence to improve social conditions, expand educational opportunities and develop resources for our children and families. 


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