Programs at The Graham School

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The Graham School is comprised of two separate entities, the Union Free School District ( and The Graham School Residential Program. However, both entities work together collaboratively so that each student and their family receive a well-planned and meaningful experience. To emphasize this commitment to complete integration, in addition to stressing our values on the importance of education, we identify ourselves as “The Graham School”.  The overall design of this program is intentional so that a wide variety of experiences are available for our youth, both educationally and individually.


Some of the programs in which the Union Free School District Educational Program highlights are noted for are:

  • Scientifically-based reading programs
  • Math Academy (research-based math program)
  • Support services of counseling, speech and language services and occupational therapy
  • PBIS driven activities and school trips
  • Small class size
  • Highly Qualified teaching staff
  • Sarah Lawrence theater program
  • Hoff Barthelson Music Program
  • Bereavement Groups sponsored by the Bereavement Center of Westchester
  • Athletic teams
  • All curriculum in alignment with state standards (now known as the Common Core Standards)
  • School Nurse
  • Smartboards throughout the school, in addition to “state of the art” technology
  • School Library
  • Art room


At The Graham School we emphasize the importance of education, in addition to the promotion and support of a resident’s well-being. All residents are strongly encouraged to set goals for themselves, in which they receive incentives and recognition through our therapeutic and Positive Peer Culture programs:


R.O.A.R (Respectful, Organized, Accountable, Responsible), the Graham School’s incentive program, which was developed to measure a resident’s behavior in their ability to demonstrate respect, organization, accountability, responsibility and positive influence while developing their skills in the areas of (a) Permanence and Family Connection, (b) Alternative Behavior Strategies (ABS), (c) Responsibilities/ Employment, (d) Peer Relationships, (e) Counseling / Substance Abuse, and (f) Maximum Health & Awareness. Through this system, residents rate themselves and provide a synopsis as to how their behaviors have contributed positively or negatively in the mentioned areas, and their peers on campus.


G.G.I. (Group Guided Interaction) is a mandatory, self-help support group, which is held in every cottage at least two times a week and up to five times a week.  This group is run by residents with guidance from staff.  GGI allows residents to talk about, support, advise and confront other group members and themselves.  The goal of this group is to empower residents to make positive changes to themselves, others and their environment. This process allows residents to meet with each other in a group setting while providing positive, supportive feedback from their peers.


The Bengals are a group of positive leaders (residents) at the campus. Their mission is to strive towards being a good leader, setting a good example and executing positive behavior. The goal of the Bengals is to influence their peers in a positive manner by being good role models, being responsible for guiding their peers in the right direction, modeling appropriate behaviors, as well as stepping up to different challenges/tasks.