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Sponsorship Opportunities

Many of our programs at The Graham School are facing severe budget cuts, but you can help ensure that these programs continue in coming years.  Here are a few programs that need sponsorship:


ECAD (Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities) is a class offered on campus in which students help train dogs to provide assistance and improve the lives of people with disabilities. This is a vocational education program designed to teach students work skills, in addition to exposing students to career choices to consider after completing high school.  ECAD allows the student to assume the roles of teachers and service providers, in which the students learn to set goals and solve problems using patience, communication skills, self-control, frustration tolerance, and motivational techniques. Each student has the opportunity to learn and cultivate the mentioned skills through the ECAD program.

You can help us to provide for the cost of bringing the ECAD program to The Graham School, including fees for ECAD instructors and supplies for training the service dogs.


Road Recovery is an organization dedicated to helping young people battle addiction and other adversities by working with entertainment industry professionals who have confronted similar crises. On campus, Road Recovery professionals provide hands-on mentorship training through weekly performance workshops where residents create original work in song, spoken word, music, dance and percussion.  These workshops culminate in live concerts performed by residents, staff and Road Recovery professionals.

You can help us to ensure that the Road Recovery program at The Graham School continues by sponsoring the program to help provide for Road Recovery staff time and supplies for the workshops and final performances.


Check out this video of The Graham School’s 2011 Road Recovery performance!


Youth Employment Services (YES) gives students the opportunity to learn skills and job readiness responsibilities; all students are encouraged to work and participate in this unique program. The students get valuable work experience and also earn money. Some of the job placements in which the residents participate in are:  maintenance, carpentry, auto mechanics, cafeteria and cottage meal preparation, and office assistants.

Through this program, our students also have an opportunity to participate in our Catering and Culinary Arts program, which is structured through ServSafe, a food certification and management program accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-Conference for Food Protection (CFP).  With this program a student is taught how to appropriately prepare and design meals for catered events.

All students involved in the YES program are mandated to create a savings account to save a percentage of their pay. The saved portion of the students’ earnings are provided to them upon their discharge from The Graham School.

You can help us prepare students for success in their careers by sponsoring our vocational training and certification programs.


How to Become a Sponsor

To support these important programs at The Graham School, please contact Mayra Pacheco at 212-529-6445 extension 2477 or