For Families of Graham School Students

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The parents of our students are a key part of the team for our kids – in fact, you are the most important part of the team.  We work closely with families to provide kids with the best chance for success throughout their time at The Graham School.


“We were told in every New York City public school that they couldn’t teach [my children].”

-Cynthia Davis Brown, mother of three.  Ms. Davis Brown’s daughter, Shonya, attended The Graham School and graduated in 2012 as valedictorian of her class.  Her eldest daughter, now in the military, also graduated at the top of her class, while her youngest daughter is currently a student at The Graham School.

Shonya said that The Graham School changed her life.  “They helped me make friends and the teachers become part of your lives here,” she said. “They encourage you to keep going even when you want to quit.”



Graham School student and class valedictorian Shonya with her family on her graduation day


Documents for Parents and Guardians

Below are some of the forms you may need as a family member of a student at The Graham School.

Parent Transition Questionnaire

Medical Consent Form

Graham Windham Photo Release Form

Field Trip Permission Form

Excusal of Required CSE Member

Consent Regarding Personal Belongings

Consent for Initial Evaluation

Authorization for Release of Information