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Situated on a bluff overlooking the scenic Hudson River in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, The Graham School is Graham Windham’s highly regarded residential education and treatment center serving over 300 at-risk day and resident students from the New York City metropolitan area.  The school proudly asserts three critical and distinguishing features.



The first is its unique emphasis on the development of a therapeutic pro-social/pro-self milieu.  On campus, all the forces of daily living, youth development, education, medical and clinical services are allied in a fully integrated circle of support.  The circle we have drawn serves as a force multiplier and is, by itself, powerfully restorative, driven by personal relationships and strong social contracts that explicitly emphasize safety, good care, personal responsibility, well-being and growth.



A sustained and concentrated focus on permanency planning (permanent homes for all our students) is our second distinguishing feature.  Our family-driven service model recognizes the central role that families play in the lives of children and honors the very special bond that exists between children and their families.  It is based on the belief that families can change and that they should be involved in all major decisions affecting their children.  In situations where families have had difficulty providing a safe and caring environment for their children, our case planners and therapists help restore confidence and competence and build the skills to parent effectively.  Because all children are products of families, all children benefit from family-centered work.  Even if full reunification is not possible, family-driven work enables children to maintain maximum connections with their families or to resolve issues that will allow them to seek other families.


Our third distinguishing feature is our educational program.  The Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District, located on campus, provides a year-round K-12 educational program for every Graham School student.  It is a fully accredited public school district offering comprehensive elementary, middle and secondary special education programs in small classes leading to a high school diploma.  Our curriculum and instructional practices are rigorous and individualized, and embedded in a vibrant, emotionally supportive academic environment.  Students who have skill deficits receive intensive specialized instruction.  Honors credit is offered for students who excel.


Students who have had their education disrupted can spend extra time during and after school and even on the week-ends to make up credits in order to graduate on time.  Extra-curricular activities, including a full array of visual and performing arts, mentoring opportunities and team sports at the intramural and league level, enrich the school experience.

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