Foster Care and Preventive Services

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For a child, home and family is everything.  It anchors them.  It defines them.  It makes them whole.  It bestows sanctuary, unconditional love and permanency (at least for the heart).  Its transcendence gives them the confidence to extend outward, and to grow up.  The children we serve in our family foster care division – all 900 of them – have been removed from their homes, or had their homes crumble beneath them.  Our job is to get them back to their families or, if that is not possible, adopted into a new family or, if that is not possible, connected to someone who is willing to be that anchor, that sanctuary, for that child, no matter what, throughout their childhood and deep into adulthood.


Family Foster Care & Adoption

To help us do that, we have hundreds of loving and highly qualified foster parents – primarily in Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx and Westchester County –  who serve as our foster children’s substitute family.  They are supported by a cadre of highly professional case planners, supervisors, clinicians, medical providers, parent advocates, youth development and educational specialists, all of whom exercise their day-to-day responsibilities through strong social contracts that explicitly emphasizes family permanency planning and the responsibility of all stakeholders to accept nothing less than safe, loving and permanent homes for all our children.  Every child needs and has a right to a home.

Family Success Initiative011

The Family Success Initiative helps parents safely manage their children’s behaviors by helping parents proactively anticipate the unique needs of their children, and employ strategies to meet those needs; consistently apply developmentally appropriate discipline; manage parent-child conflict; create and sustain nurturing environments for their children; and connect to networks of support.

To achieve this goal, the Family Success Initiative employs individual, family and group interventions that build on parents’ strengths and broaden their skill set. The program helps families develop and reinforce positive parenting skills areas identified by the case planner and parent through the framework of Solution-Based Casework, our agency-wide casework practice model.

Our Beacon After-School Programs

Graham Windham’s Beacon After-School programs are located in two of New York City’s neediest public schools, the Mahalia Jackson School in central Harlem, and Middle School 424 in Hunts Point, Bronx.  Our programs provide a safe and academically enriching and challenging environment for over 1000 elementary and middle-school children.  Children and youth receiving tutoring in English/language arts, science and math;  other activities include art, drama, youth councils, a reading club, journalism, computer classes, fitness, sports, and competitive teams.  This past year our robotics team placed 1st in a citywide challenge and our dance team advanced to finals in a citywide contest. We also assist kids with admission to competitive middle school, high school, and college programs. In the summer we run full-day summer camps and provide summer jobs for our youth.

Our Preventive Services

Our child welfare focused “Prevention Programs” are located in three of New York City’s highest risk communities, central Brooklyn, the Bronx (Hunts Point and Tremont), and Harlem.  These programs help families care safely for the children while addressing underlying conditions that can lead to child abuse or neglect, such as parental depression, family stress, substance use or domestic violence.  Using Solution-Based Casework, we actively work with parents to help them develop a more active, consistent and productive role in their child’s educational and social development; we encourage families to  build connections to positive supports in their community who will help them sustain their progress.  For referrals to our preventive services program, please click here.