What to Expect in the Beginning

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After your child is placed in foster care, the Graham Windham Case Planner will call you to introduce him/herself, share contact information, and explain the foster care process.

Over the next few days, there are three important meetings that will help you plan for your child. It is important that you attend all three:

  1. Parent and Child Visit
  2. Parent to Parent meeting (where you can meet your child’s foster parent)
  3. Transition meeting with ACS Child Protective Services and GW Case Planner

The Case Planner will also:

  • Visit your home
  • Visit the foster parent’s home
  • Visit your child’s school
  • Ensure that your child has a comprehensive Medical Exam and mental health assessments

You will be asked to sign Medical and Educational Record consent forms – please read these carefully and talk to your Case Planner if you have any questions.