Planning for Your Child’s Return

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The Case Planner will gather information from you about how your family functions. Based on this information, you and the Case Planner will work together to create goals about how you will keep your children safe, and you will create Action Plans that will help you achieve your goals. This will be written down in a Family Agreement, which becomes the official plan for how you will reunify with your children. The Family Agreement will be shared with the Administration for Children’s Services and the Family Court.

We will have regular visits to your home, as well as Family Team Conferences to discuss your progress in using your Action Plans. We will also invite you to a Family Team Conference if a major decision about your child needs to be made. It is important that you attend these meetings and visits.

Your responsibility while your child is in foster care is to work hard on the Action Plans we develop with you. Federal law limits the time you have to work on your goals. If your child is in foster care for 15 out of 22 months and you have not made progress on achieving your goals, Graham Windham must, by law, file in Family Court to terminate your rights as a parent.

You also have the option to receive after-care services for six months up to one year.