Preparing Youth for Adulthood

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If you are in foster care and are between the ages of 14 and 21, as part of our Preparing Youth for Adulthood (PYA) program, you have access to a range of resources to prepare you for independent living as an adult.  Graham Windham has four Youth Development Specialists to help you in specific areas ranging from education to money management, housing, mentoring, and employment.  Along with one-on-one assistance and helping you set and reach your goals for independent living, the Youth Development staff hosts monthly workshops that vary in topics from college and career planning to healthy cooking and stable housing.  There is also an annual recreational event that takes place during the summer, as well as many other events that take place throughout the year.


Educational Services and Advocacy

We expect you to go to school, and we expect you to do well in school. We’re serious about this because your best opportunity to succeed in life is through obtaining a solid education. Your ability to earn money and respect depends on it.

School Pays:  Do the Math

# US male HS seniors playing basketball:  156,000
Number of those who will be drafted to the NBA:  44
Odds of HS senior making the NBA: Less than 1%*

Avg Annual Earnings without HS Diploma:  $18,734
Avg Annual Earnings with HS Diploma:  $27,915
Avg Annual Earnings with College Degree: $51,206**

*Odds from
**average annual earnings from US Census Bureau

Graham Windham’s Educational Specialists can provide support and assistance with School Enrollment, Tutoring Services, High School Applications, SAT preparation, and much more. They are responsible for working with parents, staff and the Department of Education to ensure that our school aged youth in foster care are appropriately assessed, and that they receive the services they need for excellence in school while in placement, and as they transition from foster care.  Every month, this team looks at attendance and achievement reports and they intervene with any child or teen who may be falling behind. They develop education plans in collaboration with teachers and families to offer students equal opportunities to become better students, enhance their learning potential and even exceed their grade level performance standards.

Contact the education team:

Dawn Grant
Supervisor of Educational Services
(718) 875-1167 ext. 3311


Allowance, Clothes and Metrocard

Your foster parent is responsible for providing you with sufficient clothes, a monthly allowance, and a Metrocard. If you are experiencing conflict regarding this, contact your case planner right away.

Adolescent Health

The Adolescent Clinic is open to youth at both the Bronx and Brooklyn sites. Our medical staff can address issues related to medical and dental health, sexual and reproductive health, and substance abuse in a confidential, teen-friendly atmosphere. Please contact Rosa Nunez at 718-294-1715 ext. 203.