Community Mental Health Services

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(Offered to children/youth and their families Eastern/Central Harlem and South/Central Bronx)

Our programs incorporate mental health assessment and therapy services and ensure that children receive the specialized treatment they require and help them move forward toward academic success, satisfying social relationships and productive community involvement.

Graham Windham Community-Based Mental Health clinicians take a collaborate approach to treatment and engage with parents/guardians from the very beginning of treatment. From the very first stage of intake, parents/guardians are asked about the goals they would like to accomplish. We understand that when parents/guardians come to our Community-Based Mental Health Services, they hope to see positive changes in their child(ren)’s overall well being and ability to relate to others. With this in mind we have a range of proven counseling techniques that include cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, and trauma therapy, as well as parent, family, and child/adolescent groups.

Clinicians use a range of therapies to address issues common among our children and families such as:  coping with issues of separation, loss and grief, trauma symptoms, parent-child attachment and positive parenting skills, adjustment to foster care, coping with issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse, behavior management (school and/or home), group therapy, family therapy, psychiatric evaluations and medication therapy.  Our child and adolescent psychiatrist has an extensive background working with youth in foster care.

Treatment options at our Community-Based Mental Health Services:

  • Weekly individual therapy for children with collaborative sessions where parents/guardians join in at least once a month.
  • Psychiatric evaluation and consultation on an as-needed basis.
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy including art based groups, socialization, and skills building and cultural enrichment groups.
  • We have bilingual staff who speak Spanish.

Referrals are welcome, as are walk-ins. Medicaid is accepted as are the following insurance plans:  Health First, Neighborhood, Fidelis, Metroplus and Affinity.  Non-insurance personal payment fees are determined on a sliding scale.  We do not have a waiting list and are able to offer same day and/or rapid appointments and follow up with a clinician.