For Families Needing Services

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We are committed to working in partnership with the families in our community, and offer a range of services (both in-home and at community sites) for families needing help.

Here are the services for which you may be eligible (click the links for more information and how to get started):


Bridges to Health (B2H) Health Care Integration, a program to support families with children in foster care who have challenging behavioral and medical conditions. Offered to children/youth and their families in all five boroughs.

Community Mental Health Services, including mental health assessment and therapy services to help children move forward toward academic success, satisfying social relationships and productive community involvement. Offered to children/youth and their families Eastern/Central Harlem and South/Central Bronx.

Preventive Services, to help families develop the capacity to care safely for their children and place them on the path towards sustainable success. Offered to families in Brooklyn, Harlem, and the Bronx.

SLAM (Support, Lead, Achieve, and Model) Justice Scholars, an education-based program serving court-involved young adults, with options for young adults who are in high school, working towards a GED, needing basic education classes or ready for a post-secondary track.  Offered to youth ages 16-23 residing in Brooklyn.


Contact Our Staff

Sharmeela Mediratta
Vice President, Family and Community Support Services
Phone: (212) 368-4100 x 7139

Lillian Gonzalez
Program Director, Community-Based Mental Health Programs
Phone: (212) 368-4100 x7123