For Current Foster Parents

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 There are 14,000 children in foster care in New York City and they all need love. Their parents are hurt, they are hurt, and both the children and their families need strong parents like you to help them heal. Our phone rings every hour of every day, with ACS on the line asking to place children into a loving foster home with Graham Windham, and today we are proud that we have over 500 foster families in our network, available to help.


What you do every day is something that no one else does.  At 11:00 at night, we call you and ask you to take a complete stranger into your home – a stranger who is a child or a teen, who is in clear distress from the abuse or neglect they’ve suffered, who is confused, maybe angry, definitely scared. At 11:00, when most people are saying good night to their loved ones, you turn on the lights, make sure the bedroom is ready, warm a meal. You wait patiently for the ACS worker to bring the child to you. And then you do something almost magical: from the moment you open the door, you start to form a relationship with that scared, angry, hurt child.


And that’s the thing:  it is that very relationship that is the beginning of the healing process for that young person. The parenting that you do every day is exactly the work that is needed to bring that child or teen out of their hurt, and confusion, and anger, and into a place where they can enjoy the childhood or adolescence they deserve. Our case planners, homefinding and family support staff, and you: you are the village it takes to raise that child, and we are glad you’re in it with us.


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