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March 30, 2021

In celebration of Graham’s 215th anniversary, we are thrilled to launch the Eliza Hamilton Legacy Campaign.

Graham was founded in 1806 by a group of visionary women, including Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, who provided care for orphaned children soon after the Revolutionary War. We are proud to stand on the shoulders of the amazing leaders who built our cause.

Today Graham helps 4,000+ New York City kids, youth, and families thrive. In all that we do, we strive to build a solid foundation for life—family and opportunity—that every child deserves.

Our campaign seeks to raise $15 million in private funds to scale our signature solutions such as Graham SLAM, the new best practice citywide for ensuring that youth aging out of care can launch successfully, continue their education, remain stably housed, and secure a living-wage career. Our campaign will also help to seed other breakthrough developments and raise emergency funds for those who are overcoming daunting life challenges.

With full support from our generous Board of Directors, robust gifts from loyal friends and patrons, and a $2 million challenge grant—The Eliza Hamilton Legacy Campaign is well on its way to reaching its goals. Your campaign gift will help ensure that Graham’s excellent practices reach thousands more through our example and advocacy and that Graham remains an innovative force for good in New York for years to come.

Please join our campaign today!

With deep appreciation,

Jess Dannhauser
Chief Executive Officer*

Kimberly Watson
President & CEO-Elect


*Kimberly Watson assumed the role of President & CEO on October 8, 2021.