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Close your eyes and think back to when you were a child. What adult made a life altering impact on your childhood or adolescence? Many teens and children in our family foster care program would name their foster parent. Many parents of the children in foster care with us would answer the same way. Graham Windham’s network of foster parents are an inspiring group of “ordinary” people who do the extraordinary – providing a stable, loving home in which children and teens can heal, holding young children through tantrums, coaching confused teens to find their way, helping unsure parents to learn to parent their children again, and working side by side with Graham Windham case planners through every adversity and every celebration.

What is a Foster Parent?

Foster parents change lives—both the children’s and their own. They play a critical role in helping children who have been separated from their birth parents, because of abuse and neglect, heal.  Foster parents are also critical partners in our efforts to reunify children with their parents or to find an alternate permanent family arrangement.  Being a foster parent is definitely challenging – but the reward is seeing the difference your nurturing care makes for a child.  Each year 4,000 youth enter foster care in New York City. Foster parents play a crucial role in their lives and can help ensure that these children thrive in the world. Be part of the solution – become a foster parent.

Attend an Orientation

Orientation is the initial stage to obtain information regarding becoming a foster parent.



Who Does Graham Serve?

Children and youth of all ages are placed in foster care with Graham due to abuse and/or neglect.



Adoption from Foster Care

Sometimes the parents of children placed into foster care are unable to reunify with their children. In these circumstances, children and teens need strong, loving, and above all permanent families to adopt them.



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Please call our Recruitment Manager, Anne Reid at 718-875-1167 extension 3342 or email REIDA@GRAHAM-WINDHAM.ORG

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