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Weathering Sandy

By November 5, 2012March 16th, 2022No Comments

This past week has been an extraordinarily challenging time, with many in the large Graham Windham family being personally impacted by Sandy. Flooded and damaged homes, ruined cars and horrible commutes abound. More tragically, we learned that two children who we served in our former child care programs died in the storm. We are mourning their loss and reaching out to offer all of the support we possibly can to their family.

Their loss puts Graham Windham’s trials of no power, no email, and limited access to communication in perspective. It also amplifies my gratitude for all of the support we receive and my conviction that we can spend our time in no better way than in helping children and families rise to meet the challenges they face in their lives. I am extraordinarily fortunate to be in a position to get to see so many of the supporters, volunteers, staff, and foster parents of Graham Windham bring your unique personalities and skills to making a difference in the lives of children, youth and families. This week alone, I have seen exhausted staff act with enthusiasm, making it to work to care for young people through stormy nights; I have heard the stories of hundreds of loving foster families caring well for children through many long days and nights; I have seen staff go into damaged neighborhoods to re-connect, support and drop-off important supplies to children and families; I have seen staff leave behind their own flooded homes to make sure we all get paid and have some money in the bank as we deal with the storm’s impact on our lives; I have seen teachers get school re-started in the dark; and, perhaps most importantly, I have seen our usual wonderful camaraderie amongst peers in and between programs amplified.

Because of each of you, we have a wonderful future ahead here at Graham Windham. We will keep getting better at all that we do and we will stick together as we do it.

Thank you, all, for who you are and what you do.