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Giving Thanks

By November 21, 2012March 16th, 2022No Comments

With the holiday of gratitude approaching during a difficult time for so many, I have been thinking gratefully about those who sacrifice for others, giving so generously the gifts of safety, security and opportunity.  I think about:

  • Parents working hard to stop a generational cycle of abuse or neglect so that their children can know safety and nurturing they did not;    
  • Young people who despite experiences of abuse, neglect and trauma, reach out to peers and others to help, and make the tough choices to work hard at school and at their own success;
  • Foster parents redefining their families to nurture children who desperately need it; and
  • Staff and teachers who willingly assume incredible responsibility with little fanfare to ensure that every child is provided the foundation she needs in life.  On Thanksgiving Day, I’ll be particularly grateful for those who sacrifice their holiday with family to care for and celebrate the holiday with our young people who cannot be home.

And, I think about all of you in the community who contribute generously of your time and resources to help children and families reach new heights together.  As families everywhere come together to celebrate this holiday season, I thank you, on behalf of our entire team, for your role in bringing families together every day of the year.  We could not carry out our work without you.

Happy Thanksgiving,